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When it comes to protecting your home or business, security cameras provide an extra sense of security and keep criminals at bay. Smart way CCTV camera installation offer an array of benefits when used in conjunction with a home security system or commercial security system. Our team of CCTV installation Auckland can provide you the protection you need for your home or business.

CCTV Camera​

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Security Camera Installation

Here at JV Technologies we make Security cameras installation easy. We make your schedule our priority. Book your appointment when its best for you. Professionally done by a certified Auckland CCTV electrician and security services. 

CCTV Camera Features

Lower Insurance Cost

Installing security cameras in your home reduces the risk of theft and vandalism, which in turn can lower your insurance costs.

Monitor Your Business or Home

Get peace of mind when you are away from your property knowing you can check in from anywhere at any time.

Deter Criminal Activity

Criminals generally enter a home through the front door or windows, placing CCTV cameras in these locations can prevent criminal activity.

Security camera installation

Professionally installed camera with licensed electrician.

Smart CCTV top mounted

Smart Home

CCTV Auckland

JV Technologies provides the best Surveillance Camera NZ. Protecting your valuable assets, you need reliable security cameras and we can help with Auckland security cameras. Our team is experienced in the installation of CCTV security cameras for business and residential purposes.

Support Your Local

CCTV Camera Specialist

Media & TV Installation

Need help with your TV Installation or an audio system? JV Technologies can put together multi-room audio and video systems that give you and your family control.

Home Alarm Systems

Protecting your home with our smart security alarms nz. We can provide you a peace of mind when you are not at home and gives you the best burglar deterrent house alarms in Auckland.

Smart Home Gates

Offer Full Installation To your Property or Business Automatic Remote Gate and Fencing.

Smart Home Lighting

Control and manage your lights with smart home lighting using your phone or smart hub. Works with Alexa, Apple and Android devices.

Smart Home Pergola

Layer of protection to block out the sun's harsh rays in the summertime with outdoor pergola nz.

Add Value to your Home with our Smart Pergola

Also, Install now, Pay Later Is Available.

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