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At the heart of JV Technologies lies a story rooted in community
and service. It all began within Jayson’s church community, where
he was frequently approached for technical assistance.
Recognizing a genuine need and driven by a passion to serve,
Jayson saw an opportunity to create something larger.

This kernel of community service grew, branching out from Auckland, reaching cities like Hamilton, Tauranga, Christchurch, and Wellington. With Jayson’s unwavering commitment to excellence and a hands-on approach, JV Technologies not only expanded its geographic reach but also widened its service offerings. The story that began in a tight-knit church community has now evolved into a family-owned enterprise, serving the broader New Zealand community with dedication and expertise. 

Mission Statement :

Mission Statement : At JV Technologies, we harness the power of community trust and technological expertise to deliver unparalleled IT solutions. Our journey began with a simple call to help and has now transformed into a nationwide commitment. Every challenge we tackle is grounded in our foundational belief: to serve our community with the utmost quality

Vision Statement :

JV Technologies envisions a future where our technological solutions touch every corner of New Zealand. As we grow, we aim to preserve our community-driven spirit and family values, aspiring to be not just a tech company but a trusted household name.





New Zealand Licensed and Certified Servicing 5 New Zealand Regions Over 3,000+ Homes and Businesses Serviced Expanded to 10 Services to-date

Continually expanding across New Zealand through service regions and services offered

Creating a better and more secure New Zealand

Goodwill Electrical Services Limited stands as a beacon of electrical excellence. With a team of seasoned and licensed professionals, they tackle everything from residential needs to complex industrial projects. Their commitment: safety, efficiency, and cutting-edge solutions. By choosing Goodwill, you’re partnering with a legacy of reliability, powering the future together. Recognizing the potential for mutual growth, the two entities forged a partnership. Their combined capabilities now offer clients a more robust and comprehensive service range, highlighting the strength and adaptability of their collaboration.





Chief Executive Officer
JV Technologies Ltd.

Jayson Reyes has been an integral player in New Zealand’s telecommunications sector, mastering technologies like 2G to 4G LTE and UFB/NGA Fibre Optic Network. With notable leadership roles at Insight EDS, Jayson has been pivotal in projects for Crowne Plaza and Huawei Tower. His contributions to Nurse Call Solution, CDI-Tellen Systems, Ventia/Chorus, and Sky Communications Limited underscore his deep commitment to New Zealand’s tech growth. As a Chorus Awardee for Best Technician and Customer Service, his blend of technical prowess and service orientation makes him a cornerstone at JV Technologies.

Chief Executive Officer
Goodwill Electric Services Ltd. 

Jose Dinamling’s professional journey is a testament to dedication and technical prowess. With over a decade in the electrical and telecommunications sectors, his expertise was initially honed at King Abduaziz Medical City in Saudi Arabia, managing intricate installations and high-voltage projects. Transitioning to New Zealand, Jose’s leadership as a Telecommunication Service Technician saw him frontlining crucial fibre network expansions for companies like Manasseh Telco Services Ltd. An EWRB NZ Practising Licence holder and a graduate of the Traffic Management Academy, Jose not only represents JV Technologies’ commitment to top-tier service but also its dedication to safety and continuous learning.



From our humble beginnings as a singular service entity, we’ve evolved and expanded into 9 distinct services over the years. Our growth reflects our unwavering commitment to addressing the comprehensive smart security and automation needs of New Zealanders.




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